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This site provides links to information about Internet safety for children. Included are organizations devoted to this issue, reviews and ratings of software solutions as well as explanations of when, how and which tools to use. Also included is a starter list of recommended kid safe sites.

Online Safety for Children (Organizations & Info)


 Safety tips and information for children and parents are among the resources at this useful site.


The "Largest Internet Safety Organizations since 1995" provides excellent resources and site assessment.

Check out the Child Safety brochure written for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by Larry Magid, Los Angeles Times columnist.

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Parental Controls and Software Solutions
(filtering, blocking, browsers and ISP solutions)

Netguards: Parental Filtering Software

Useful review of several software packages.

Figuring Out Filters: A Quick Guide to Help Demystify Them

Article appearing in School Library Journal, Feb. 1, 1998. Although written for librarians, this well know expert on filtering provides clearly explains how filtering softwares work.

Parental Controls (WorldVillage)

A comprehensive listing of software including Web browsers and filtering/blocking utilities.

Internet Safety Software (

From the Family Internet Guide at

Parental Controls from

Excellent chart of filtering software and comprehensive listing of ISP's (Internet Service Providers) that offered filtered content.

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Ratings Organizations


The Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet provides a ratings system based on PICS* that may be used with a Web broswer such as Internet Explorer or Netscape


The "Original Internet Rating system" provides a ratings system based on PICS* that may be used with a Web broswer such as Internet Explorer or Netscape

 * PICS - the Platform for Internet Content Selection Standard

Kidsafe links

700+ Great Sites

" Amazing Spectacular Mysterious Colorful web sites for kids and the Adults who care for them."  An excellent resource! information for parents, teachers as well as recommendations of kid safe sites.


Jean Armour Polly's 100 Great Sites in Ten Categories

From the author of "The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages"

CyberMoms' Approved Links (by age and subject)
Gateway to Educational Materials

Directory of educational sites searchable by grade level.


Directory of sites which may be browsed or searched by keyword. Includes information about the site and suitable grade levels.

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Easy to use search engine for children (with filtered content).

Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting

6+ descriptions and lessons on Web searching by Simone Leroy.

Kid's Search Tools

Excellent compilation of search tools for children and their parents.

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