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 Virtual Collections --Tools and Topics

Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting
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Development of Virtual Collections: Key Tools and Guides

A work in progress (updating!!!)


This resource is a collection of tools that are helpful for developing virtual library collections of Web-based resources. To keep your collection up to date, be sure to visit the resources in Web-Savvy: Keeping Current. Your suggestions are welcomed!


Recommendation: read immediately and often!!

"The primary purpose of AlphaSearch is to access the finest Internet "gateway" sites. The authors of these "gateway" sites have spent significant time gathering into one place all relevant sites related to a discipline, subject, or idea." Search by word or phrase (Boolean enabled) for "gateway" sites or browse them by resource type, descriptor, discipline, or alphabetical listing.

  • BUBL 5:15


    5 to 15 relevant, librarian-evaluated resources on a vast array of  topics with descriptive reviews. Search by resource type, author, subjects, Dewey class , date or browse. 

  • Librarians' Index to the Internet

    Search the evaluated and annotated listings or browse by subject arranged by resource type. Bound for success: librarians select and evaluate the resources.  


  • Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

  • (
    Annotated collection of resources of interest to the academic community "including databases,electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, listservs, online library card catalogs" Search across multiple databases or browse the alphabetical listing of interesting subject groupings.




Updates to Extremely Useful Resources
  • The Argus Clearinghouse

  • (
    Sites are annotated, reviewed and rated by subject experts (librarians and information specialists). Search or browse the very selective, hierarchically arranged directory.

  • Enclycopedia Britannica Internet Guide

    An information hub resembling a portal; read latest news in selected areas, search the annotated, reviewed and ranked collection of resources arranged by topic or review additional suggestions from the Web.


  • Pinakes: A Subject Launchpad

    Compiled by Dave Bond and Roddy MacLeod, this is an excellent resource for  Subject Gateways.  See also Internet Resources .....................




Subject Directories

  • Adam: Art, Design Architecture and Media Gateway

  • (
    Searchable catalog of internet resources. Organized by librarians.

  • Biz/Ed

  • (
    "Biz/ed is a dedicated business and economics information gateway for students, teachers and lecturers."

  • Cyberstacks

  • (
    "Significant" resources in Science, Technology and related fields arranged by LC classification. Annotations and mode of access noted (the latter, where available).

  • Nutritional Navigator

  • (
    from Tufts University. "A rating guide to Nutrition websites."

  • OMNI

  • (
    "the UK's independent gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources."

  • Social Science Information Gateway

  • (
    "SOSIG is an online catalogue of thousands of high quality Internet resources relevant to social science education and research. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist."

Professional Journals with Reviews

Search Tools

In a hurry and want to just search it! but not sure where to start? check out Basic Tools.


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